BabyRoo™ - Baby's Bonding Carrier

"This little seat has completely changed the way I carry my grandbaby. I am no longer exhausted from muscle strain!"
Karen - San Diego, CA.

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  • Enjoy Back Pain-Free Baby Carrying
  • Alleviates Muscle and Body Strain
  • Adjustable Length for Perfect Support
  • Secure Your Baby with Included Safety Belt
Bond With Your Baby Without Hurting Your Back.

Completely relieve any pressure on your back by evenly balancing your baby's weight around your hips.

The easy way to carry your little one whether they want up, down... or up one more time.
Ditch the difficult carriers and complicated strap-ins.

BabyRoo is changing the way parents carry their kids with a simple hip seat that allows for both flexibility and support.

Immediate Support on Your Spine.

Your spine stays in place, straight and well-supported with the 45"-waistband while your baby enjoys some mommy time.

Doctor Approved
"BabyRoo is an anatomically safe product for babies’ bodies"

— Dr. Smith, Pediatrician

"The perfect product for reducing muscular strain on the spine while holding young children”

— Dr. Robin, Chiropractor

Leave The Diaper Bag at Home

You can easily store extra diapers, a bottle, pacifiers, and small toys. Save everything you need to take care of your baby while on the go.

Hear From 20,000+ Parents Like You!


I am a 56 year old grandmother and my grandson loves to see all that I am doing and I love that I get to keep him close without back, arm or shoulder pain!

-Laura E.

Verified Review


I am father of four children and I absolutely love holding my children. This carrier has relieved all arm pain and back pain. I am no longer throbbing at the end of the day.

-Jacob U.

Verified Review


Fantastic product, every time my baby was fussy, my husband would hold him on his hip and he’d instantly be content. Amazing! the added bonus with the pockets/storage means you’re not tied to your stroller the entire time.

-Serena L.

Verified Review

Frequently Asked Questions

With Babyroo™ you distribute the weight across your hip not hurting your neck or shoulder, classic slings puts too much preasure on your upper body.

The Babyroo™ is ideal for babies 8 to 45 pounds.

As long as you always hold onto the baby with one hand this shouldn't be a problem! Babyroo™ is a parent's helper, not a replacement for active parenting. Always hug and hold your baby.

Absolutely! Babyroo safety certified and is recommended by pediatricians, chiropractors, orthopedist & physical therapist. The hipseat puts the baby‘s hips in the proper “M” position recommended by pediatrician for proper hip health. For adults it takes the weight off your back and arms and allows you to comfortably carry of your kids without putting strain on your body.

Most pediatricians recommend a healthy seated “M” position when using a hip seat carrier. That means your tot’s knees should be sitting higher than their tush when they’re in the face-to-face and side carry position.

For optimal hip health, their hips and legs should also be able to move freely and not be straight or together for long periods of time. But no matter how you wear your baby, it’s a good idea to adjust your baby’s legs and hips every so often to make sure they’re in that Marvelous, Magnificent, aMazing M-shape.

Many parents like a baby carrier that offers full support, from slings to wraps to more structured material. Carriers work great for parents who want to be “attached” to their babies without having to use their hands and arms to hold them constantly. They also may help soothe a baby who is fussy, going through a growth spurt, or simply likes to be held… a lot!

But once your baby is a little older, independent, and curious about the world around them, it’s a great idea to make the switch to a hip carrier. Hip carriers allow for more independence as your baby grows and develops, and they work wonders for your back, alleviating any strain and pressure. They also work great for the toddler who wants to be picked up… and put down… and picked back up again… you get the idea. 

Babyroo is a versatile carrier that offers great breastfeeding support, making it perfect for all ages.

While it is not entirely hands-free, it allows you to keep your baby snug and close to your body. However, for optimal safety, it's important to keep your baby secure with your arms until they have control over their neck and head, usually around 4 months old.

Once your baby reaches this stage, you can use the hip seat carrier in various ways. So go ahead and snuggle your baby in a hip seat carrier, just remember to keep them safely secured with one arm.

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